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RIG Introduction

Rig Software is a company for web services and solutions for modern and innovative clients. We realize the importance of web experience nowadays and we are ready to help you improve your presentation in the virtual world.

Let us introduce our work and services, so you can decide if we are the right web partner for you.

The Web World

The world today is different. The global web is always around us. We are using a wide range of devices - smartphones, tabltets, laptops, dekstops to stay tuned up with the latest news and innovations.

Businesses can not be distinguished from this global trend and should adapt as quickly as possible with modern, functional and nice looking web apps to present its products and services.

Common Changes

Modern web is extremely dynamic and changes are something pretty ordinary about it. So it is very difficult to stay at the edge of the wave. But if you want to be successful you have to be there ...

For this task you will have to find fiduciary partner to overcome the difficulties and to be sure that your spot on the web is fresh and up to date.

Infinite Possibilities

Technology is advancing so fast that almost everyting is possible on the web. If you have nice and innovative idea you just have to cooperate with someone with enough experience in the virtual world and soon it can become a reality.

We are RIG and we are here to help you achieve your web goals with style and precision. Let’s make things together.


We are developing web solutions to suit your business needs. You may need virtual place to present your products, content management system with rich functionality or web store for your online sales we will discuss the different options suitbale for you and choose the one that best fits.

Web Design
& UX

Web design is something very important nowadays. The visitors and customers of your web application should be able to use all its features without wondering how to do that or where to find this. User experience is something we highly stand by and realize its important role for one successful product on the web.
The possibility of the design to adapt to different devices is also something we should point out because of the wide range of devices visitors use while surfing the web.

Support &

When your web application is ready you should be calm that we can take care of the support and maintenance. We will teach you how to use your newly created system so you can extract the best of it.

Social Marketing

Optimising your web application for search engines is something that is of major importance too. Everyone wants its service or product to come out before the competitors when the possible customers are searching online. Social networks are also place that should not be forgotten because they have become part of our daily lives.


In this day and age, it is nearly impossible to run a company in any industry without making use of the internet in some way. For instance, agency management software can make it much easier for insurance agents to do all of the tasks they need to do each day. NowCerts.com aims to be at the top of the agency management system industry.


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